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Note: This blog post was actually made before I started this blog as a little tidbit to put up in our dorm’s bathroom. I am dedicating this post to Joel and Peter, who both complemented me on this post. This started the idea of making this blog.

“The Star Forge was constructed during the apex of the Infinite Empire’s power. A true technological marvel, it is an enormous space station that serves as both factory and battle dreadnaught… In many ways the Star Forge is like a living entity. It feeds, it hungers, it draws on the energy flowing through all living things… This ability to feed and consume the living energy of the Force is the key to the Star Forge’s power, but ultimately it was also what led to the destruction of the Infinite Empire.”
Rakata computer in Knights of the Old Republic

“‘For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.’ And [more importantly] where your heart is, your treasure is.”
Dr. Miller (Bible verse is Luke 12:34 (NIV))

These two quotes have been circulating in my mind for a few weeks now. Basically, we put our lives and heart into things that do not matter. Or we even put our lives into things that matter on this world, but not in the next. The only person that we should give our lives and hearts to is God. If we put our lives in other things, those things will “feed on” and eventually consume our lives.

I have a hard time with this. I put my worth and heart into temporary things and collect treasures / trophies of useless achievements. I’m trying to put my worth back into being God’s son and you should too. So stop letting worldly things consume you and turn you to the Dark Side.

Knights of the Old Republic:

XBox, PC

Genre: Role-Playing Game, Adventure

Rating Teen: Violence

Note: I have only played the PC version.

My Rating: Overall: 5 / 5

Gameplay: 5 / 5     Story: 5 / 5     Graphics and Sound: 4 / 5     Controls: 4 / 5     Christian Values: 5 / 5